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Reusable Sticky Gel Pad

  • £19.95 GBP

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Stick your phone in your car without any scratch, your remote control or even anything that is on your mind now. With Sticky Gripping Pad, what you imagine has all the possibilities, to stick anything, anywhere.

This gel pads do not suffer damage from UV exposure or high temperatures. It can withstand high heat and sun exposure. Remove it at any time, Stick it to anywhere & holds anything. You will discover a more useful way of the Sticky Gripping Pad from your life.

Product Feature:
Double-sided grip pads so strongholds up to 5 lbs
Removes Easily - won't leave behind any damage or residue!
Washable and reusable OVER 1,000 times!
Designed to grip where nothing else can!
Great for decorations, posters, cell phones, tablets, and so much more!
Easily mount any object anywhere.
Just peel, stick and grip.

Package included:
2 PCS / 5 PCS Reusable Sticky Gel Pads

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