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Mini Electric Portable Body Massager

  • £39.95 GBP

  • Our mini massager is packed in a beautiful box, it is a perfect gift for your elderly Mom and Dad, girlfriend or anyone for whatever area which is in need of muscle relaxation
  • One turn on/off switch design, easy to use, just press it gently, and you could release your pain by yourself. Used 3 AAA batteries, do not need to wait for charging, saving time and energy (battery not included)
  • Works great for neck pain, fibromyalgia pain,headaches, aching back, legs, arms, face, shoulder pain and sore muscles. Will release your tense muscles better than any medications or ointments
  • This portable vibrator device is not really loud, very quiet and effective. Can be use in public settings, like a classroom, station, office, without distracting others
  • The mini electric body massager is small and lightweight, very handy for small muscle aches and pains when you don't have time for a total massage. Small enough so you can take it with you on trips

E28-LM001  20170503-04

E28-LM001  20170503-05

Note: Do not expose the product to high temperatures, direct sunlight, and moisture. Do not mash irritated or recently operated body areas, and if the device is used by children, they need to be supervised by adults.

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