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I can't believe I ever got so big...I was over 18 stone and constantly had that feeling of tiredness and can't be bothered because it's an effort, it gets you down so much! My anxiety was thru the roof and I didn't want to go out ever! I can't describe how changing the way you eat and most importantly the way you think, can change your whole life around! 🙌🏼I started on plan on the 16th Jan 2017 and have currently lost 6 stone 5lbs I started this journey with early signs of cirrhosis of liver, I was told if I didn’t change my lifestyle I would not be able to reverse the damage I was causing to my liver thru being so overweight! I started on the shakes, premium capsules and the boosters, along side clean eating, and have since added bars and omegas to my new lifestyle.

At 17 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and could not loose the weight with any other weight loss plan. Since starting, I've now lost just over 4 stone i feel so much better in myself i have more confidence as before moving down south from stoke where I was always in doors and got really bad depression panic attacks the lot. But now I've not had one in a long time.

I'm not where I want to be but I'm a lot closer than I was last month!! 7 weeks ago I committed to change and so far I’ve lost 1 stone 7lbs since that day! (Total loss since I weighed myself on 13.04.17 is a whopping 2 stone 4 lbs!!!) 1 stone 9lbs to go to reach my goal 🥅 but I'm in no rush ... slow, steady, healthy and maintainable

So here is my story... i got engaged in January and planned the wedding for Jan 2017. Recently having a #baby i knew i had put so much weight on but with working fulltime and being a #mummy it was easier to eat something quick once i sat down at 8pm each night. My sister got married in August and when i saw the #family photo's i was so shocked by the way i looked and needed to do something about it!! I started doing lots of different diets and did lose weight but got bored quickly and then a colleague who is involved in this plan talked me through options and i decided to give it a go..... 1 month later i have lost 14lbs and feel the best i have ever done. Not tired, sleeping better, more energy and no more anxiety. 

Feeling #proud of myself today! 2stone 2lb down! 💪💪💪 1 year on and off plan at times and I'm Back in my favourite skinnys! 👖 Not only am I #slimmer I'm so much happier and feel healthier I'm #positive about myself again and have gained the confidence to join a gym and attend all the classes that I love. I gave them up after I fell pregnant and feel so happy I'm doing them again!even if it took me a fortnight to recover from body pump! Ha!!! 😂 I can honestly hand on heart say I don't get migraines or my IBS flare ups as I did before I found this plan. I take every day the Premium capsules shake for breakfast and 1-2 boosters! 

My results so far with @losethebellynow and over 3 stone down. It 💯% works if you let it! I was over weight and suffering from depression but I never spoke about it. It was brought on after my daughter was born then i fell pregnant with twins when she was 18 months old and tbh I was shocked and it nearly tipped me off the edge. The #twins were a year old when I started and I have to say I only started it to gain some #energy i wasn't in the right frame of mind to loose weight. I started a healthy eating plan with shakes boosters and fruit and veg capsules and I felt a difference within a matter of days including my moods. I lost my 1st stone in the 1st month then the rest kept coming off. I lost 3 stone in 4 month. I'm still on plan but for comfortable with my results although would like a bit more off. I feel #fabulous that's the main thing right? 

This was me before, it changed my life, I was a size 16, my hair was falling out, always suffered with stomach problems IBS really bad, was addicted to fizzy drinks I'm now a healthy size 10, my hair has grown, better skin, my #ibs is so much better & I only drink #water no more fizzy drinks 👍 I have a #shake in the morning, take premium capsules & the odd booster

The first picture of me at Center Parcs back in January of this year. I was a large woman suffering from high cholesterol and had been on statins for about 16 yrs. I always felt lethargic but was still a happy person and just plodded on with life. Whilst on my trip to Center Parcs my daughter Gaynor Hay introduced me to this plan. I started taking the complete shakes and then within less than a month I could see the difference in my weight so I added the premium capsules. My weight was dropping off and my energy levels were higher then they had been in many years. After being on plan for about 3 months I visited my GP to get my cholesterol levels checked and was totally surprised by the results 🙌 lower than they had ever been so the Statins were no longer needed.