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Ultimate Drain Plug

  • £15.95 GBP


The Ultimate Drain Plug is the answer to your sink and bathtub problems! No one wants to experience a blocked up pipe, especially in the shower. This Ultimate Drain Plug is made from a soft-flexible silicone rubber material, creating a suction when it is placed in the drain. This Plug stops hair and other various things from slipping into the drain that would cause it to get backed up!


  • Keep Hair and other things from going down your drain.
  • Made from a soft-flexible silicone to assure longevity.
  • Multiple colorways to match your decor!
  • Multi-functional Advantages: As a drain catcher press on the center cap, it can stop water and cooking trash to prevent blocking. As a drain stops by pushing on the upturned edges, it has a good seal and can store water.

Easy To Clean: It could be disassembled or assembled by pulling or pushing the top cap part. Make Your Life Easier: It can fill your washstand with water to wash face and hair, fill your bathtub with water to shower, fill your kitchen sink with water to wash vegetables, fruits and dishes.

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